CTD 50 Silver

Forecasting the tide is now easier than ever!

Many surfers, sailors, divers and fishermen around the world need to consider the tide to ensure maximum fun and safety. To forecast when high and low tides occur is extremely important and not always easy to do. Until now!

The GUL CTD – Central Tide Disc – watches are extremely easy to read and very accurate. At a glance the current tide situation can be read.

The sophisticated technology of the CTD watches makes it possible to forecast the tide situation in the next two weeks. It also indicates current and forthcoming springs and neaps. All this information is given with the help of one turning disc – the GUL CTD!

Unique features for the GUL CTD watches:

· Extreme simplicity; at a glance you can see the present tide situation and also when the next high/low is, and the springs/neaps situation.

· Forecasting; very quickly you can also judge the times for high/low and springs/neaps for the following two weeks.

· Extraordinary accuracy; the special gearing for the central tide disc gives it a running error of less than five seconds per year. In fact, the gearing is more accurate than the sophisticated Japanese quartz movement that the CTD watches have.

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