Silicone strap 16mm Blue


Smooth, strong and with a large selection of colours which do not fade with time.

These straps are perfect for everyone, and especially the thinner wrist. It is full of special features that you may not notice at first glance.

The strap is fiitted with a metal tube that makes it move more freely. It does not grip the spring bar, thus avoiding release.

The end of the strap has a 'bulb' to stop the strap from slipping out through the loop.

The first loop is held in place by two small hooks.

On the inside of the strap there are groves that have two functions:

1) The strap is 'aired' so dries faster after a swim and becomes cooler

2) They act as guides if you wish to shorten the strap.

The silicone straps come in various sizes to fit all watches – 16, 18,20 and 22mm

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