How GUL Watches began

Contrary to many other so called sports watch brands, GUL has a true sports heritage from the early 60´s and the surf environment in Cornwall, England.

GUL was then, and still is, a major brand in wetsuits for all water sports. Sten Warfvinge (a world champion dinghy sailor)

together with his associate Anders Delander founded Delva in Sweden and

became early distributors of GUL wetsuits. Sten longed for a watch that could match the wetsuit that was

”Born in the water, shaped by the ocean”. In the mid 80's the idea was born to make watches under the GUL brand name.

More than 30 years later we are still at it, creating durable watches. By a strange coincidence, in the late sixties, Sten Warfvinge built his own boats and named them GUL (meaning “yellow” in Swedish) long before he had ever heard of the wetsuit brand GUL.